Life is a Map

Life Is A Map…@Jonathon Lipsin
La vida es un mapa
que no se puede dibujar,
el tesoro está allá fuera
Life is a map that cannot be drawn
, the treasure is out there
and it does not stop calling you,
it is called life
it’s spirit is untraceable
an explosion and a mirror
at once unfathomable and mysterious
you sit at life’s feet as a baby
eager to burst out
and experience
and make sense of it all
but you never will
because it takes your breath away
on her mighty cliffs
and even as you look down upon
the turmoil of the sea
you could never draw all of life
perhaps a tiny corner of it
and you cling to this vision
as a poor man clings to his last bit of bread
and you refuse to give this up
even as you know
that you don’t know anything
do you ?
After all your journeys and adventures
you realize you
don’t know a fucking thing !
but that’s ok too
for at that point
when you don’t know
a fucking thing
that is real
@ Jonathon D Lipsin.

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