I have crawled on your back since i was three
every year i come here and it
finds me following this ritual.
Once as
a three year old
i looked out from behind your mane
fearlessly from this perch onto
a world
i was eager to explore.
dreams i dreamt as i gazed out
what magic i conjured
from your
majesty’s lap.
We were going to conquer
the world
you and I .
Remember ?
Me aloft on your back
us flying
across lands
and having adventures
and so it has come to this …
Some 58 years have gone by
and what has transpired?
What has been learnt?
I have learnt that nothing lasts forever
except a child’s dreams
They linger in the night
as threads upon the moonlight.
They are not forgotten,
They still lie in the twinkle in my eyes.
This i know.
I have learned that love is always possible
even when it has failed .
The secret is to love yourself
so much
you can finally love another
because you have so much to share.
The trick is to find someone who has done the same .
I have learned that possessions are nothing
in this fragile world state .
You come in with nothing
and you take with you nothing.
There is no time time to get hung up with
the toys
especially when there is magic all around
if you know what to look for.
So lion
you have been a tireless master
and teacher
your silence
as ever speaks volumes.
You have never changed
while i
have circled
the globe and
here i am back
where i started.12088297_1007722705916930_736294606005686880_n12112463_1007722892583578_507281709086746546_n

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