Live Your Life Large Not Small.

Recently my friend Bernadette was told by a friend (with friends like that who needs enemies right?) when she asked why the Swiss people she knows don’t ever put a like on her pictures and i mean never yet they do on all their other friends …she was told in all honesty ,the friend confided ,that they feel she posts too many pictures of herself.
I deduced from this ;number one they are jealous because they must compare their own lives to Bernadette’s and if anyone follows her you must agree she lives a very colorful life traveling to California to visit me every year ,living on an island in Spain 4 months of a year and just coming back from 6 weeks in South East Asia and Thailand ,Bali and Burma.
Also throw in the fact that Bernadette posts in English which i taught her mostly how to write in the past few years.
Many of the Swiss i meet can barely speak English and i suspect they resent the impudence of one of their own who has jumped out of the provincial box and belongs now to the world.
Of course maybe none of this is true and they actually have no time to post likes on fb .lol but i suspect i am right.
Anyways i want to say life is not a competition is a celebration and if someone wants to post about their life i applaud them .
If your own life is boring and commonplace then go out there and make it great !
Life is about being large not staying small !
Enjoy it!


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