Lost Jews In Spain

I met a woman tonight at the restaurant .I told her i am writing about the history of the Jews on this island and she said her family were Sephardic .I asked why she wears a cross and she replied because she is Catholic now and the Jewish part of the family was long ago .So they were Jews once and forced to become “New Christians ” and now there is a dim memory that exists of being Jews but they are Catholic. This is why it is important to know who you are and have an identity based on that. I imagine as it is said that there are many in Spain with lost Jewish blood and also if someone has Jewish in them it is talked about in a low voice and a plea not to discuss it with anyone … I wonder who her ancestors were and how they suffered for their faith…They were the ones who chose to stay in Spain and suffer the indignities of the Inquisition.
.Such is Spain …

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