Ma Ain’t lost ..She is just in Another Room of the House.

You don’t have to lose someone just because they died and this is how i feel about my mother because tomorrow is my birthday and she would always call me over the years whether i was a hippie living in a commune in California or somewhere on the road or in Israel in the army or raising a child.
We always talked on my birthday and she would always recount the moment of my birth how i came out so easily on that hot hot August morning at 6.30 in the morning and out of her window at the Royal Victoria hospital she could see the mountain Mt Royal and my father had brought in a record player and he was playing the Messiah by Handel
.Ok that part i made up. If i was the Messiah then the world was in deep shit…
He was playing Porgy and Bess from Gershwin his favorite.
My mother would always tell me she loved me no matter what stage of my life i was in ,the rebellious anarchist or the harried businessman or the doting father.
It always the same.
Ma is always with me .
I speak to her when i do a ceremony at Mystic Point in Indian Country in Sedona Arizona or at the Wall in Jerusalem or when i am swimming in the clear blue turquoise sea like i did this morning.
She is always encouraging ,sometimes whispering ,”Run Forest run ” when she thinks i am taking a wrong turn in relationships.
She liked to call me Forest…
She will come to me tomorrow without a doubt …
Ma ain’t lost ..She is just in another room of the house.

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