Mexican Food Tonight

Buenos Noches !
Bienvenido a mi casa !
Lately i have been experimenting with Thai and Middle Eastern and Indonesian dishes and now i turn my focus to South of the border and also because i am studying Spanish …
This morning for breakfast after my customary 100 pushups i noticed two perfectly ripe avocados on my counter .I was compelled to make a guacamole .I had no choice in the matter. When the avocado is ripe one must act without hesitation.
I neatly halved them,nudged out the pit and placed them in a bowl with minced garlic,chopped green onions in small slivers,tomatoes cubed and fresh lime and serrano chiles and then cilantro and kosher salt.
I mashed that all up and with tortilla chips i scooped up the delicious guacamole. It was a simple but beautiful thing.
After a day of bike riding and then strength training with weights and pushups i am hungry so i cooked up meat tacos for supper tonight.The hamburger meat its organic and with no hormones and crap ..It’s not too often i eat meat but when i do it’s mostly always grass fed and organic and local .
I sautĂ©ed a medium chopped onion for a few minutes on medium heat ,then added the meat and let that cook for 6,7 minutes until done and then I drained the fat…then added chopped serano peppers and minced garlic for about a minute of stirring and then added a can of tomato paste to which i added water as well as throwing in the pan a tbsp of ground coriander which i did with my mortar and pestle i bought in Spain and added tbsp of cumin and chili powder and salt and pepper to taste.
At the end i added some honey to taste also..
.I let that simmer for 10 minutes.
I heated up corn tortillas on the gas stove and prepared before hand little cups of tomatoes and cilantro and salsa and shredded Mexican style cheese and green leaf lettuce and green onions for toppings.
A bowl of California grapes sufficed for dessert.

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