Montreal Memories The Judo Kid

My Karma will run over your Dogma

When i was 5,6 i was a rascal.I always got into fights.
Not that it was my fault but i refused to be dissed same as today.
I remember going across the street to my friend Eric’s house and met his cousin who made fun of the little animal books i was carrying.
They were the Thornton Burgess books of Peter Cottontail.Josh called them baby books . I bopped him in the nose. His name is Josh and he is a famous journalist in Montreal and Eric is a famous Montreal artist. I won’t say their last names in order to be discreet.
Just so you know Josh those books which i still have fetch mucho dinero on E Bay now.
Anyways my father thought to focus my rage against the oppression of the downtrodden and my courage against the bullies and would bring me to Chinatown where each Saturday we climbed up old century old rickety stairs to a dimly lit loft which contained rubber mats and where i would be taught judo with an old Asian master.
Think Karate kid.
He was very big and powerful and i was very small.
There he taught me how to fall by the back of my hand on my mat and to throw him
.I would wear the white robe with a belt sash and would be barefoot and bow when we started and ended.
It was all very mysterious and interesting for my 6 year old disposition. I never bopped a 5 year old again in the nose
.Henceforth in the pursuit of justice i would merely throw them over my shoulder and break their arms.

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