Montreal Walkabout Atwater Market

Atwater Market is a farmers’ market located in the Saint-Henri area of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It opened in 1933. The interior market is home to many butchers and the Première Moisson bakery and restaurant. The outside market has many farmers stalls which sell both local and imported produce, as well as two cheese stores, a wine store specialising in locally produced spirits and a fish store.
I have gone to this market since i was 1 years old.
Ruddy faced rough and swearing French farmers whose families have tilled and harvested the soil outside of Montreal for generations would come into the city with their trucks and wagons and sell their produce from wooden stands backed up to their transport.
I remember crisp fall apples fresh from the tree and the farmer with his weathered hands would cut a piece for me to taste. Here we would buy maple syrup in cans and nuts by the pound.

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