Morning Thoughts…Journeying and Life and Stuff Like That

I awake to snowy alps here in Switzerland.
My friend and host Bernadette is making me an omelette and i still can’t figure out how she does what that i can’t do. Her omelet’s are delicious.
I eagerly request rostii the Swiss version of hash browns because last night i was craving them.
She says ,”No problem” and soon i have this perfect omelette with onions and mushrooms and a side portion of sweet golden rostii and a strong coffee and i sit and eat and stare out the window at a village awakening under a glistening blanket of snow.
In the distance i hear a train chug and a lonesome call of a bird….The window is open because Bernadette likes the fresh air and i wrap myself in the new grey scarf i bought yesterday for 2 francs. I sip my coffee and think …

Here i am in Switzerland in winter and it is so different from the jungles and beaches of Thailand and Bali and the mountains of Burma ….

I am still on my journey as i ever am but to pronounce it as such as a “journey” spins something special.
When you have imagination and creativity even the humblest walk can be turned into an adventure worthy of Homer’s Odyssey .
I have always thought this and when i was 9 years old i claimed this because every Sunday i would slip out of the house with maybe 50 cents in pocket money,a small knapsack and i would walk ,just walk out of my “ken” my neighborhood and extend and stretch the boundaries making it some 5 miles away into a strange neighborhood. This was the beginnings of a life of travel and adventure…
I would observe and i honed that skill this way and a foray into strange territory kept beckoning me onwards.Each journey i would stretch the boundaries until one day i walked all the way downtown. By the end of the day i would call my astonished parents who assumed i was outside playing and ask them to pick me up and drive me home for supper They could never believe how far i walked. Even today i will call up my father to tell him where i am now.
.I guess i have never stopped doing this wandering and i have never lost being fascinated by it…
When you travel and journey you become alive and you learn a lot about life and yourself .
I have been pondering about all the gifts that come to you when you are in the poetry of motion .
Here are some of them…

You have a lot of transient relationships.
People come and people go and you learn to treasure them for that moment. This is a smaller version of our lives where we are affected by the bigger relationships coming and going. You learn to enjoy this and there is always the promise of connecting again on fb or in real life.
You learn it’s ok to get lost and this is important because around the corner when you least expect it new adventures can arise. There is a song in getting lost that is sweet and i wander in alleys in Jerusalem say or down roads i don’t know in Burma and things just happen.
Know this that after many decades of wandering i have never had something bad happen to me. I have learned to trust that although that has made me trust my intuition completely ,that little voice that guides me and to note when i stubbornly don’t listen i smile and lick my There are no mistakes then.Everything is a learning,a lesson ,a opportunity to refine your understanding….
You also learn to turn on a dime.
Situations are fluid like life is and in one minute you realize you have the courage and capacity and sense of adventure to change the plans. Plans are just hints really and are not carved in stone you find out and i really relish this the idea of not being fixed on anything and being open.
This is the stuff of where we really find ourselves at our best Being Open to everything and all.
Our dogmas are really just perspectives and you learn that when you meet other cultures.
There are many ways of looking at the same thing and even though i am a passionate about some things like Israel for example i can also stand outside of myself and feel how someone else might feel. This is a unique talent and one i have tried to nurture. I can argue vehemently but i also reserve this sensibility behind every one of my convincing diatribes. This is simply my perspective and i will defend it until i am proven wrong or misled. I do not mind changing my perspective if honesty calls for that.
Like Groucho Marx once chortled.”I stand on my principles .And if you don’t like them i has either principles.”
It is all about being open again.Travel has taught me this…
You cannot help also learning new languages as words start to be recognized and come into your jargon. New foods is something i look forward to and indeed spending time in Thailand taught me to appreciate the fresh spices and the sparseness in cooking that i didn’t have before.
Cooking light the Thai way is something i will carry back to my California kitchen,that and the necessity of fresh ingredients.
Another gift of traveling is you come upon little acts of kindness from complete strangers who might share something with you or help you out and this always is evident as you find yourself in a new culture and environment.
This is part of the magic this getting out of your environment so you can see things with new glasses.
This is what travel is all bout actually and someone added once so you can find yourself deeper than before.
There is a humility one gains in journeying because you are at the mercy of many things as situations change as i discussed before and you learn how to ride with atet.Humility goes a long way as you realize maybe you know nothing after all.This is useful to realize you know nothing ..That is the starting point to gain freedom.
Cast off your chains!
You learn then what do you really need!
Not too much actually certainly nothing that can be bought.
You learn to live simply as you leave your comfort zone and you cherish the moment and not things.
Another thing that happens is you find out we are all one people and we all smile in the same language .
This is a very important wisdom to understand. In some incomprehensible way we are all one originally.
So these are some of the things that travel and my journeys have given to me and these gifts are continuous and open-ended ..Wisdom is always evolving along with the roar of the ocean and the flow of the river stream ….

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