My Photos in Israel Last Year

Last year on this day i left Formentera and the beach and returned to Israel after a number of years absence .
I love Israel and again i felt like it was home. Over 35 years ago i left after serving in the army and started my 30 year business Incredible Records after an idea i had in Israel .

I loved being back and secured a couple of Air BnB’s and toured all over.Here are some of my photos from that journey.
I am so proud of this country that has been misunderstood and vilified and condemned . I have tried to explain Israel to my friends around the world but usually to no avail and i have never been able to in spite of my personal experiences in the country.
I have mostly given up . I do know one thing .
Israel will always be there and flourish because we have no choice.
There is no where else to go..
I will leave it at that.I just want to say Israeli technology helped find those boys in the cave in Thailand and Israeli aid is helping the Syrians running away from the war in Syria right now.
Medical tents and hospitals and food have been provided where no other country has risen to the task .
The State is not perfect ,far from it and i am one of her loudest critics also but i do not let this blind me to the gift Israel is.
I am also critical of Canada and America .I fight for injustice everywhere.
This is who i am.
At the same time i stand against ignorance and lack of independent thought and i find so much of that in the BDS movement and the anti Israel camp.
This is a rare rant because mostly i stay away from it on my fb page but here it is.
Behind a lot of the posturing against Israel i see the old canard Anti Semitism raising it’s ugly head and i will always stand up against that whether it is Roger Waters plying his maniacal tirades or the Labor Party in Britain. Over 6 million of my people died because they were Jews and we will never walk that back …If you want to unfriend me because you are offended then please do .I don’t mind. This is my truth.
Do enjoy the photos and excuse my tirade but sometimes things have to be said.
Now i will head to the sea and swim for a glorious hour .
Peace to you all.

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