Shabbat Shalom Y’all .

This is a synagogue in my old hood in Nachlaot in Jerusalem that i would pass all the time and sometimes at the urging of the rabbi dip in to…
yes a timeless magic quality.
I lived among Iraqi Kurdish Jews who were an ancient tribe.They fled to Israel in the early 50’s encase.They fled for their lives after the Jewish state was born and Israel airlifted them in in an operation called Operation Magic Carpet.

my landlady every Shabbat would call for me to come down from the second floor where i had a two bedroom apartment for myself,a luxury at that time and get down for her lemon kibbeh soup and what a marvel that soup was..

she always fed me Shabbat lunch and we would chat in Hebrew. and then i would get on my 10 speed and bike throughout Jerusalem narrowly avoiding the extreme religious area of Mea Sherim (a hundred gates) where the ultra orthodox are apt to throw stones at this freewheeling bike riding Jew and i would seemingly whiz through 10 centuries on my bike and end up at the Old City and sit and sip strong Turkish coffee at Achmed’s place where the hookah smokers sit.


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