Old Montreal Walkabout My Mother’s Favorite Restaurant

This is Gibby’s in Old Montreal one of the premier steakhouses and my mother’s favorite restaurant since the Sixties.Here we would celebrate birthdays and anniversary’s and i might meet my parents or Mother for a quiet lunch. Many a family decision was made here and it was a luxurious comfort zone for us…They would make a great caesar salad at your table and the meal was always wonderful. Pre appetizer bacon bits and huge pickles are already on the table before ordering and loaves of oven hot bread are served along with cottage cheese in cold chilled bowls. Lemon sorbet is served as a palate cleanser in between courses and wait staff are dressed in quaint frilly 19th C attire.
Gibby’s is housed in a 200 year old building once the stables for the Governor of that time.
The walls are the original stone walls and the ambience is superb.

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