This Life I call Horse this life i call horse is a mighty creature sometimes terrible sometimes sweet sometimes fierce and unrelenting sometimes gentle and easy to handle. i take this horse by the reins and i ride with a mighty gallop down the beach with a firm hand hoping one day to let go […]

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The Shoah

A picture i drew at 22 years old.I had flown into Israel on the second day of the Yom Kippur War a couple of years before and that had changed me wholly.I began to explore my jewish soul like never before.This was a foray initially into the horror of the Shoah and how i would […]

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Waking up

Rise above the sadness , not now but eventually to greet the sunrise or the sunset ,turn to the sun , let the sun kiss you because there is hope and love out there and within you circumstances befell you accept the situation as if you chose it and stay still and check your reaction […]

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Of Mice and Men

Something funny just happened .i am in a cafe and three people are having a conversation that makes no sense at all to me.They keep talking about God and George and for the past half hour i have been thinking they are on LSD .Suddenly one of them turns to me and says “Hey Jonathon,what’s […]

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Old friend Ocean let me tell you my latest story…..(i say) Get out of your head and into your heart the Ocean intones if you care to listen. But i have a situation (i say) Ocean states one more time Out of your head and into your heart Yes Ocean ,I humbly say as i […]

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