Old friend Ocean let me tell you my latest story…..(i say) Get out of your head and into your heart the Ocean intones if you care to listen. But i have a situation (i say) Ocean states one more time Out of your head and into your heart Yes Ocean ,I humbly say as i […]

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Jack Rose was Buried Here A GHOST STORY

ghost towns March 10, 2014 at 8:01am One of the things i love doing is visiting ghost towns.I consult books and seek out back dirt roads and have traipsed all over the West indulging in my preoccupation.I have been throughout California,Utah .idaho ,Montana,South Dakota,Wyoming,Colorado,Arizona and New Mexico in my pursuit of the glory of the […]

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Martin Luther King

This is a story I have written about a time some 43 years ago about a people and a land that knew segregation and racial prejudice as a young boy (me) traveled through by his thumb armed only with a thirst for experience,a sense of righteousness and a determination to raise a voice for justice.This […]

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OMIG 50 years ago the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan show.My parents got us out of bed to watch and our world was changed forever.If you watch my documentary my father talks about this time and what it did to him.I remember the school was abuzz.Our house caught on fire the month before and […]

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