Pandora’s Box

Opening up Pandora’s Box.

I just found this .It is 1969.I am 15 and already a hippie .I had morphed from joining the Young Socialist Party at 13 and denouncing them at a Party meeting about 6 months later for being bourgeois pigs and lackey dogs of imperialism and quit in a huff and started hanging around the underground newspapers ,one of whom finally giving me a monthly column about revolutionary activities in the high schools. I was on my way to securing my hip credentials and Street Cred….

This is the Father’s Day card i made for my dad .On the bottom right is a picture of my five year old brother and the bubble say “Better smoke a little dope first” This is the first piece of evidence of being a “little shit ” as my father so eloquently said in my documentary.This was pre Woodstock . At the end of High School back in May i was summoned to the principals office for organizing a walkout of half the school over the dress code. We had a noisy violent demonstration and i had called the media and the tv cameras were there to document my revolutionary activities. I was defiant and called the principal a fascist. Such were the times…..
Gawd i had Charlie Manson on a Father’s Day card.Me bad….

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