Poetry in Motion

I admit to a restless soul
Jack Kerouac had nothing on me
this is my nature ..i came by it honestly.I make no excuses for this way of being…
my Mother was like that also .She must have inherited that gene as did i from my Grandfather who was once a hobo hopping freight trains from Montreal to San Francisco on the pretext of looking for work . Like me he loved to hang out in cafes..Like me he was a poet and like me he loved music playing a mandolin and singing Yiddish songs as well as his improbably beloved Irish ballads….
People who stay in one place will never understand me…
As a 9 year old i used to invent adventures and would walk out of my home and wander for miles all afternoon and when i was tired at the end of the day i would use a dime i kept in my pocket to call my parents to pick me up and they were always amazed at how far i got.
I just loved exploring new neighborhoods and seeing new things and little has changed since then.
At the age of 15 i left home and wandered all over the world. My first adventure then was hitchhiking from Montreal to Vancouver,somehow getting across the border and down to California and then to Arizona and across to Mississippi and Alabama and up to New York City and then to Montreal all in a few months . I left Montreal with maybe 50 dollars all told.
On the way i managed to turn 16.
Since then i hitchhiked and hopped freight trains some 20 times across every state except Alaska and Hawaii .
All this by the time i was 20 or 21.
In the years after i wandered all round the world living in Paris ,New York City ,Toronto and Jerusalem and Spain and Portugal and Switzerland …and of course California …
I hear the bookies in New York City are giving big odds on how long it will be before i take off again.
We will see..lol
the drawing below i did when i was about 18 and it is of myself…

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