Road Trips

Road Trips
The best road trips are on the West Coast of America where i live and East to Arizona and New Mexico .
I have travelled these roads many times over 45 years starting when i was 15,16 and i never tire of it.
The first time was in 1970 when i hitchhiked from Montreal to Vancouver and down the coast to California and then down to LA and from there to New Mexico and Colorado and then across to Alabama and the Deep South and then up to NYC an from there back to Montreal … I was just a kid with maybe 10 dollars in my pocket but with a keen sense of adventure.
I know them all ,the hidden spots,the great eating places whether it is a Navajo taco on a reservation or a vegan Thai place in Albuquerque.
My good friend from Switzerland Bernadette Mundy has travelled with me 3 times now across these lands .The last time was last Spring when i took her to Mississippi and Memphis and New Orleans.We did 6,000 miles in a month.That was epic.
I love road trips!

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