So Called New Age Healers on Facebook

I am no fool and i have watched so called healers and visionaries on fb market themselves with the ultimate goal of making money and using words like love and healing and bliss with abandon and they give advice and lure the gullible in. I have to say that i have come to the conclusion we are all fine deep inside and if we are brave and honest with ourselves we can find the gold that is our essence and is sitting there.
We don’t need gurus or someone to stroke us.
We really don’t .
So in the past month or so I have watched one woman who presents herself a s a healer in the tantric arts and i find out behind her holy facade she is a prostitute .
Another healer who has written a book and has many followers i met the other day on the street .
After a two minute conversation her negative energy was so strong that i marveled at her claims of being a healer and i quickly walked away..
I had deleted her long ago because i saw through her so called goddess games and her marketing skills which are pretty good but her authenticity was in doubt for me . That was all confirmed immediately.
Yet another incident were two people promoting their love for each other so sickly so but i saw it was all a clever marketing ruse to sell themselves as love relationship coaches .
People flock to them to be saved. I deleted them also awhile ago because it was so clear to me what was going on.
The other day out of curiosity i checked only to find the love relationship coaches had failed to work on their own relationship and had decided to break up…Oops there goes their credibility …
It is all amusing to me but can be dangerous to others. A fool and their money …is easily parted
Here’s an idea
Be your own life coach ….
I am a spiritual adventurer in my heart and in my yoga and in my meditation but i would never ever pretend to be a teacher and i can very easily.
People have asked me to help them and again i say help yourself .
It is all within. Just be honest with yourself and keep your perspective and don’t believe everything you think…
Ok that is twenty bucks for that information and i take Visa of course.
Namaste Motherfucker!

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