Some Early Morning Reflections

I am just hitchhiking through life ….
The trick with travel is the same as life.
Give out kindness as your natural force
.People will disappoint but do not be attached to that.
Just smile and say
,”is that so”..
If they do come through smile even bigger and be grateful and still say ,
“is that so?”
If someone is too busy to see you just smile and move on.
If someone really wants to see you they will make the effort…
Their loss .
They missed for whatever reason a wonderful opportunity to connect.
You know yourself.
All is good.
Ultimately do not depend on anyone .
You are your master .
You are in charge.
If a connection did not work out cheerfully create your own connection.
Rely always on yourself
.But at the same time be open.
Give everyone an opportunity to be the best they can be.
The ones who will step up to the plate will be rewarded tenfold..
Be like an empty vessel .
Again always independent but open.
This world is about connecting and not just living a solitary life.
Travel is a perfect metaphor for life because you never know what is around the corner.
Things can change very fast according to circumstances.
If you have learned to be in the moment not much will bother you.
I find myself in the moment with ease most days.
I tend sometimes to check in with myself.
“How are you right Now?” i ask myself with an amused earnest.
I feel the wind or the sun on my face.
I think what a glorious thing it is to be alive.
I imagine sometimes that if this all stopped and i am dead and i could never feel this way again what a fool i would have been not to appreciate this moment and then i find myself with a quiet grateful mind.
Everything becomes right now .
Nothing is without an element of risk or else you must just sit safe and secure in your hotel room.
I see how people trap themselves in “small mind ” through prejudices and fear. They make judgements that come out of that fear.
I would stare at them in wonder and ask Why ? silently.
It is best to be open and not hold on so strongly to beliefs that may be limiting.
They are just perceptions, I have to remember this.It is all just perceptions and everyone has their own…
Sometimes these are fairy tales we tell ourselves to make things justifiable. You don’t have to justify anymore.
Just be your wonderful glorious self ,self nurturing and fun.
A lot of people forgot how to have fun.
That is why i love watching kids.
They don’t forget…
Travel is the portal to being curious and embracing the unknown,the chance to step out of the nest and throw away old baggage that has no place in your life.
I liken it to something i had experienced in the past number of years .
I was forced to empty myself until i was stripped bare in a psychological sense and then i realized that this was the moment to have the courage to fill myself up again with whatever i chose .
We forget as we go in age that this is our choice .
We can take and throw away and we can choose what to fill ourselves up with again.
We can do this over and over as we go through life..
This i suppose is called renewal.
As our cells change so can we.
Fear keeps us in the same place.
So does lack of imagination.
We are our own creators i imagine
I am a believer in dong something deeply if that is what you want and doing it until you can’t .
Then walk away because that thing always changes.
Nothing is fixed.
This is the beauty of it all.

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