Sonoma County A Paradise But There are Problems


es this is a paradise but….What i am hearing on the street about the affair of things….
Rents have skyrocketed because of demand and people are getting evicted and others are leaving the county because of that. A 2 bedroom is now 2700 a month ..a one bedroom is at least 1500. A lot of people are struggling even as restaurants to mention one factor are getting very pricey.
Pot growers who were making bank all these years find themselves left behind as pot is legal and big industry is moving in with all the regulations and licensing..Big greenhouses in Central Valley and places like Salinas are being set up for pot cultivation.
Another side effect about the legalization of pot is real estate .Who wants to have a house next to a pot farmer with the smell for one,and the risk of home invasions as was recently seen in the county where 9 people came in from the East coast and raided 3 homes looking for a defunct pot operation and pistol whipped and tied up residents who were uninvolved. Who the hell wants to live in fear? No good.
People who lost their homes in the fires mostly found they were underinsured because prices have gone up dramatically and to rebuild at todays prices means around 600 dollars square ft because of rising building costs and they are out of pocket hundreds of thousands of dollars. A lot are selling their lots for 250,000 and moving away to places like Oregon where their money will go farther. The water is poisoned where the fires were and it t will take something like 50 million to restore that to normal. The residents will bear that burden i guess ,partially at least and those people who still have mortgages are still paying for them even though their house is gone.
One heart surgeon i spoke to who says he is at the top of the food chain had just built his house before the fires hit and he lost it.He had doubled his insurance and still he will have to pay 400,000 more…
So i sense a malaise in the county as people still process what the fires did.
I know how lucky i am in all respects ..
This county is magical with the ocean and the nature everywhere and great cafes and restaurants and festivals and music and wineries(over 400) and whales and hip friendly people and organics and a progressive consciousness and the close proximity to San Francisco and the wide open spaces of West County and the laid back attitude and farmers markets and redwood forests and the weather and i love it. It is an easy place to live at least for me ..
Me i keep it all simple and with very few expenses .and no debt .I never buy something i can’t afford and my needs are more tailored to getting the inside right. I don’t need a new car .I would rather spend the money on travel and adventures.

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