Summer in Spain

Next month in Formentera and Ibiza Spain !
I have been very fortunate to spend my summers on the island the last 5 years because of my friendship with a special person.
Summers are for play .
Actually i will go further .
Life is for play .
Most of us will never know this but even though i worked hard i always combined my work with my play . I was always conscious of that and it became my way of life when i took in the whole gestalt of my life. Looking at my father now at 92 he has done the same and today he still has that twinkle in his eyes .
Summer is about that twinkle in your eye .
It has always been. Summer is about escape and freedom and i remember i couldn’t wait until school was out for the year and a few months of adventure would await me.
I would jump on my bike and see what trouble i could get into and it was glorious .In a way i am doing the same thing now. I see people everywhere with their addictions whether it is drugs or alcohol or cigarettes and i am glad that none of that has ever touched my life.
As always the moment is what i collect .
I don’t need to accrue milestones anymore.

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