Sun Studios Memphis Tennessee

Back in the Spring i found myself in Memphis at Sun Records and they were charging 30 dollars for two for a tour
.I went up to the ticket seller and asked what discounts were available.
“Nada” he shook his head. “It is what it is.” (that is my fucking line)
“Triple A?” i asked.
“Aarp? ” Which i don’t have
“Nope. ”
“Military veteran in a foreign war ?”(i was getting desperate.)
“Freelance writer and blogger?”
He was getting annoyed.
Then i said matter of factly almost musing….,”I used to be a record producer.”
“Really?” he replied showing keen interest.
“Here are some comps then … Wow who did you produce?”
“4 guys from Liverpool named John,George,Paul and some other guy.”
I deadpanned and scooped up my comps quickly……
That is me with Elvis’s mike


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