The Back Roads of Life

The back roads
of life
are the way to go,
where my soul leads me
where there is little traffic
where there is time to linger and ponder.
I don’t mind the cities either
with the din and hustle
but even there i head out to the hole in the walls
in alleys where strange stores and cafes beckon.
It is there i sometmes find
the magic of hidden gems….

Give me dirt roads
and forest earth and meadows of golden mustard
and ocean cliffs from where i can gaze a 1000 miles
and i am content.

I don’t need fancy .
i like my jeans ,

Give me figs and olives and almonds
and a glass of chilled wine and a sunset
and i am happy…..

Give me the back roads
of life…..
I can walk miles down a deserted railway track
as i did in Mississippi
You don’t get that kind of experience
on the freeways
cause the freeways
ain’t so free
anymore .

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