The Huck Finn Years Formentera ,Spain 1973.

..I just found this and i wrote it when i was 20
I can close my eyes now listening to the music of the searching in my ears as i sit on Spanish rocks overlooking the Mediterranean..I can close my eyes and see what was. The was of my childhood.
I sat watching the sea with hollow eyes gazing past the lives of endless waves and useless foam the ether world of the state of bliss that occurs when the past collides gracefully but suddenly with the present. I felt a quiet strong detachment from it all and i pulled out my harmonica and blew across the sea to what sounded like Greek accordions and boats crossing oceans.
“You play that way when you think of home ” Star looked up from her sleep on the rocks.
I continued blowing thinking of a home used to be and exists every now and then in the whims of my mind.
We have found our bed for the night by an ancient stone wall under a gnarly twisty tree .
A German wandered by and declared,”Marvelous” to see us sleeping outside.
“Our hotel is too noisy and the water is too salty to drink.”
I showed them how we get our water from a well down by the rocks .An old beachcomber showed us and gave us a rope to lower our canteens down in the well and then he squeezed Star’s breast and walked away. Our water is free.
We hungrily wolf down sardines in spicy oil ,cheese ,bread,Spanish chocolate and a banana .
“We are so homeless” ,Star stated disconsolately,”I feel an aching in me ”
“It’s just homesickness,I absently said,putting down my pen to listen.
“I don’t know.Yeah i guess so..It’s like i haven’t found the place to do something..I wonder how long we will be in Morocco ..”
Saturday on the island of Formentera .
Clouds are whole sky. The sunlight is forced out,banished. Thunder sounds in the distance like an approaching battle .
Crusty Spanish bread and a piece of cheese for breakfast.
We will walk to the hotel down the beach to see when the boat leaves for Alicante .
Star in Formentera just waking up under the tree i wrote about

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