The Knapsack

When i was 15 i left home forever and took my father’s WW2 Canadian army knapsack with me,.I hitchhiked 20 times across North America hopping freight trains and thumbing and walking in the ensuing years on the road for adventure. In this pack i had a mess kit and a bag of muesli or rolled oats ,a bag of currants and some nuts and seeds and two books,Howl by Allen Ginsburg and Dharma Bums by Kerouac. Sometimes Leaves of Grass by Whitman .I only believed in traveling light and i refused a sleeping bag and insisted on a thin army blanket i would roll up under my arm .
That was it in the early days .I was hard core and was in earnest about being tough as nails and i guess i was sleeping in box cars,in deserts and by the side of the road in every state in the Union. Crazy? Yes but i did it !!!!
Keith Daniel a fb friend met me this morning when i realized i was around the corner from where he lives here in Montreal .I spotted the knapsack and with delight exclaimed i had not seen it in many years
.He graciously gifted me with it and i am very happy!!!

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