THE LEGEND The Ballad of Formentera Jon sung in the key of D minor

It was 1973 and i was ingloriously thrown in prison in Spain for calling Franco’s Guardia Civil ..let me see how i phrased it. Oh yeah” Fucking Nazi pigs.”
There was no Google then and i had no idea Hitler’s buddy was still alive . I thought he had died with Adolf in the bunker in 1941. As i was awaiting execution by firing squad the next day I waved my Canadian passport and claimed diplomatic immunity.
Actualy i spent the night singing Spanish Civil War songs from the Republic side of course because i had been raised on them. The other prisoners cowered in the corners as i brazenly provoked the jailers. After all i was 20 and idealistic.They tried to shush me lest they all meet the fate that they knew awaited me in the morning.
The next morning after i refused the blindfold and i wondered if i would get a last cigarette but instead they gave us an hour to leave Spain on the first boat or spend 6 months in prison.
I thought about this . It might be a good thing to add to my resume and” Street Cred “after the Revolution but a cooler head prevailed and i took them up on their offer.
They demanded of a ship captain on a small fishing trawler to take us,my girlfriend and i on his boat. He begrudgingly did . After all this was a dictatorship and you didn’t argue.
The crew a handful of fisherman right out of Captains Courageous couldn’t speak English and we knew not one word of Spanish and they met us with glowering distrustful eyes . There was no food for us and we set sail into a mighty sea . The waves and the rocking of this small dingy trawler had me at a disadvantage. I have never been so sick in my life and i hung my head listlessly over the side of the boat heaving constantly. In the middle of the night we came within sight of land ,an island and the boat docked and we were ordered to get out. I protested but i was met with angry words and threatening snarls.
There were no buildings as i remember only a dock with crates and crates of coke bottles .I jimmied open 5 of them and drank them in gulps so thirsty i was from being sick. There was a road framed by stone walls up to our waists and we walked under a full moon not knowing where we were,what country this was or if anyone actually lived here.
We passed by old stone houses . We saw sheep grazing in fields. I picked a fruit from a tree and was delighted to taste my first fresh fig.^
Miles down this road i knocked on a farmhouse and an old peasant woman in a black dress and a big straw hat came out and i asked for water because we were so thirsty . She asked ,”Agua?”
I said “Maybe ”
She went to a well and raised up a bucket of water. This is when i learned my first word in Spanish. We continued walking towards lights in the distance.
Presently we came to a small dusty town and there was the light coming from a bar. Cat Stevens music could be faintly heard . We entered .Bernadette was sitting there with her then husband . I asked where were we .I was told Formentera,Spain .
That is how i came to discover this island i will be flying to soon.

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