The Sea

This morning
instead of diving in the sea
as i usually do
i sat by the shore watching the waves
lap up on the sand
and instead was content to
contemplate the Sea.
This simple sea with a solitary fishing boat
way out in the distance
speaks to me of odysseys and wars
,of pirates and bloodshed,
of traders from distant countries
and of Jews feeing persecution,
of lovers lost and lovers found
,leaving and returning,
of poets and songs sung on mandolins and harps ,
of hopes sent forth like a 1000 doves
and of hopes dashed upon rocks
hidden beneath the surface.
I contemplate the water so calm right now ,
nothing is stirring
and i wonder how long this will last.
History means action and events
.Nothing is calm for long.
This is life.
The philosophers teach calmness within as an antidote.
The Mediterranean speaks to me
of a mysticism and a romance,
of kings and queens
and princes .
Of messengers bearing tidings good and bad
changing the course of history as the sea rolls on
not caring one way or another
if it’s slaves from Africa on it’s shores
or pirates raping and pillaging
or lovers wading in the water
holding hands….
The Sea is
a force of nature
and nothing can contain her.
She is a force to be reckoned with….
Now i finish my contemplation
and wade in the waters before i fully submerge myself ……

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