The Wind is Calling

the door has shut
leaving me quite alone
5 years of preparation
the time has come and now gone
a bird sits on a branch
singing a song
only i can hear
the time has passed for tears
the time has passed for understanding why
all those years spent nurturing ,planting seeds
came to naught..
i simply had made the wrong decision back then
and paid the price
and now at this late stage
i shoulder my pack
of songs and poems
and take to the open road
where the wind remembers my name
I have lost all i held sacred
and the scar will always be there
that much i know
it’s like having a broken leg
that hasn’t healed properly
and when the weather gets cold it hurts
but still you learn to go
on dancing
with a broken leg…
i owe no one anything
that much i know
i must go now
the wind is calling…
my time is short
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