Things i Plan to do on the Island in Spain

eat paella near the beach

dance to flamenco music at Can Toni our hangout
swim naked in the MediterraneanĀ 
do yoga on the beach
drink the local liquor called Hierbas made from herbs on the island
drink a coffee at my favorite cafe Bar Central on the 17th c plaza across from the old church
hang out at the Hippie Market and listen to music
play bocce with friends
write as i look out at the Sea
drink shandy which is beer cut with lemon soda
buy my produce and eggs and local sheep’s cheese from my grocer friend
hike the island
watch the sunsets at the Pirate Bus
write poetry in the early morning at the casa
go to the Jazz Festival
swim every day
investigate the Jewish history on the island
look for buried pirate treasure
enjoy meals with friends under the fig trees
read on the beach
eat very healthy ,mostly salads and nuts and fruits with sea food every now and then..
meet new people
hang out at Fonda Pepe the hippie/cafe /bar that is legendary
write restaurant reviews
celebrate my birthday with my best friend
explore the pirate cave
hang out in Ibiza
break into a locked church in Ibiza to find the secret synagogue in the basement
eat fresh calamari

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