Maui is expensive let’s face it and you can spend a lot of money here and break the bank but i would rather do it differently and have money left over for another adventure.
First i always get a condo so i can cook my own food .This is key because so much is wasted on eating out.That is not to say i don’t eat out when i want but i can usually cook better and healthier than most places and i am adverse to spending 20 dollars on a Thai curry and 15 dollars on spring rolls
Make sure you get a “membership” card at any supermarket you patronize. They seem to give you even better discounts in Hawaii than on the mainland, because most tourists don’t bother with them, so they are a way of rewarding residents, which Hawaii likes to do..
.Prices in Maui are higher than in the Mainland because everything is mostly imported . That doesn’t mean i will squander my hard earned dollars and be foolish. There are exceptions though like Stewz Burgers in Kihei near where i am staying.9.50 gets you one of the best burgers i have eaten.
I can also give you a list of places to avoid….
Mama’s Fish House.I once took Dad here some 10 years ago.It is the top rated place on the island.
After dropping a 100 dollars back then on lunch we both looked at each other and said this place is a rip off.
Sure they say how each fish was caught 24 hours ago by their own fisherman and they name the guy and then justify charging big bucks
.Clever marketing and you can spend 200 dollars there for a dinner. Skip it if you are planning to be thrifty like me.
At sunset, go to the She.raton to watch the free nightly torch-lighting ceremony and the remarkable cliff diver performance. From 3 to 5 p.m. at the hotel’s Cliff Dive Grill, prices drop: $5 draft beers, $6 wine by the glass, and $8 classic tropical cocktails.
After sunset, stroll the romantic Kaanapali Beach Walk that goes from the Sheraton to the Hyatt Regency. Yes, sometimes the best things in life are free.
For great free entertainment check out the down from Kihei for Polynesian dancing and local artists. Going there tomorrow night for concerts in fact. .
There are some great hikes on Maui and that is always free. I did an awesome one down to the famous blowhole and earlier hiked in a bamboo forest to waterfalls ….
As soon as you land at the airport head to Costco and buy what you need for the week or two. filled up on wild salmon and throw them in the freezer until i want to grill one.
Healthy and decent price ,one dollar more than stateside.
Beer is cheaper at Costco but wine may not be .Better deals are found at the other chain supermarkets . Costco has good shrimp poke at 8.99. It’s a bit too salty for my taste but after squeezing lemons on it it is wonderful.
Eggs are cheaper at Costco and pineapples are 3 bucks .Also get your lemons there.
Get your gas at Costco because it is way cheaper than the other places….
I usually eat at food trucks.There are some good ones and way cheaper than the restaurants…
I also carry a water thermos so i don’t have to buy drinks as i ramble around…
Head to the Farmer’s Market in Kihei where i like to stay and score papayas there that are local. Every morning i go there and they open them up and provide a plate and spoon. Chickens are running around and it’s quaint.
Hit up at Komodo Bakery in the cowboy town and buy great pastries at very cheap prices like 2 dollars each.yummy coconut turnovers and sweet rolls.
Every time you eat out btw it will cost you between 35 dollars and 55 dollars at least for two .
So again buy locally or at Costco and cook your own food.
The condo resorts will have grills outside you can use.
If you want to save forget about activities.
They are very pricy and unless it is something you can’t live without you can easily spend a 1000 dollars. I go snorkeling on my own after finding out the best spots and i go myself up to the volcano and i drive the road to Hana and i go to the blowhole and other things without paying a cent. There are so many things you can do without paying for a tour.
Sure i missed out on the helicopter ride above Maui and all that but this is about being happy and saving money ..
Check out happy hour places where you can get a drink and food at half price …..
Always always splurge for a shaved ice with ice cream on the bottom preferably macadamia nut …Ullani’s is the best place..
Avoid Eskimo Candy Seafood.Their fish tacos suck and are overpriced.
The ocean is why you came and it is free …..
Always rent a car .
I know some people here who rely on Uber and yet they spent 200 dollars at Mama’s Fish House.
Bring some basics from the Mainland with you so you don’t have etc buy island side.
Travel with a carry on .
Thats all u really need and avoid the airline fees.
Forget about the expensive Luau..
They are overpriced and the food is mediocre at best and they usually just allow you one trip to the buffet line and give you watered down drinks. It will set you back 300 dollars and they you have to pay to park and then tip ….I head down to to a certain hotel on Friday night and do a takeout of poke and salads from the local Food Land and sit on the beach and watch the performance for free and save more than 300 dollars …
Today i drove up to Hakaleah the volcano summit at 10,000 ft and usually you have to pay a 25 dollar admission but because of the Government shutdown there was no one to collect the money.Thanks Donald !
You don’t have to follow any of my tips but i will leave Maui with enough dineros in my bank account to go to say Thailand next time. That is how i choose to play. I figure not eating out has saved me about 1200 dollars which i will gladly use to buy a ticket for my next adventure. Tonight i took a chicken breast and cut it up an sautĂ©ed it with mushrooms and onions and cheese and pineapple and heaped it on tortillas with a squirt of lemon and had a glass of great red wine that i usually get at Trader Joes. for 7.99 and here it was 8.99 ..Both wine and meal was excellent ….and i ate it as i faced the beach watching the sunse


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