To Travel is to Live

Something i wrote a few years ago
“Wherever you are there you are ” is very true.
Mind you your luggage can be another story but i am digressing.
Travel brings you to a height of awareness like no other mode.
You have to be present in your mind lest you miss the forest for the trees.
Whenever I have to make a big decision or face something inevitable i travel.
It provides all the answers in an obtuse way mostly ,it creeps up on you when you watch a magical sunset on some mysterious beach or drive down a road that hearkens back to Roman times .
Things have a way of making sense and falling into play after serious travel.
To not travel is not to learn ,is not to live ,is not to be all you can be.
Going to a resort is not included in that remark and a cruise ship barely does it either.
Travel to a country you have never been and putting yourself in unfamiliar circumstances is what i am talking about
.It is about looking life squarely in the face and saying I am here and bring it on.
The idea of being a successful traveler is in the attitude.
Being open to time zones ,to have the ability to turn seemingly bad timing of unfortunate circumstances into something else.
The idea is to let things go,have no clear intentions but lean into the moment and have fun and play with that .
There is magic everywhere ,in everything if you are open to it .
This is the magic pixie dust that you must dig deep to find and bring out of the marrow of your soul.
To travel is to live.

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