Today i decided to do three hikes in Sonoma County

.I started in the Redwood forest with those majestic elders and then after an hour hike i drove to the coast and there hiked along the cliffs and hills abutting the ocean ,from there i drove home where a few minutes from me is the Laguna trail an old Indian haunt and there i also hiked an hour.
A great hour hike through the Redwoods…. This is 20 minutes from my house ….
I love it here… this is one of my spiritual homes in the world …
Now after this hike i am headed for the coast to hike along the cliffs and then later at sunset i am doing my usual hike on the Laguna trail …so 3 hours of hiking today all in very different locations.

My second of three hikes today This is a 20 minute drive from the hike at the Redwoods earlier..It is by the coast where i start start off at my one of my favorite cafes at the mellow coastal village of Jenner where the river meets the ocean and then I drive a little bit to Shell Beach and I take the Fortum Trail hugging the cliffs and as you see the coast is pretty awesome..
Another 20 minute drive along the coast will get me back at my place.

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