Tomorrow is Holocaust Day.


Mostly my Jewish friends will put a like on this post. Many will ignore it. That is unfortunate. I will post it anyways.
Once i cradled an M16 in Israel for all of the Jews who died in the Holocaust and couldn’t .
Can you imagine what they could have done if they had something like this? I didn’t do it frivolously but with that deep responsibility and commitment that the Shoah would never happen again and if we as a people are faced with sworn enemies like we were then and are today then we can defend ourselves and never be sent to the gas chambers.
On this day i pay respects to my family who died in Bergen Belsen and in the Ghettos of Lodz.
Also to my grandmother’s cousin who managed to survive the camps and came back to her village in Poland to her house only to find her neighbor had taken it over and surprised she had survived took an axe to her and killed her.
The pictures i drew many years ago .The one on the bottom right i had written a poem ,a very heartfelt poem and then i burnt the poem and glued it into the art i created.
Here i am a few years ago when i visited Dachau concentration camp in Germany.The town was across the street.I never got over that. No one saw anything .No one smelled the burning bodies. When the camp was liberated by the U.S army the general made the townspeople walk through the camp and see what their complicity had done.
In the latest polls in North America a great percentage of people mostly younger never heard of the Holocaust.To the ones who tell me forget, forget this is the past i say i will never forget. Because then this could happen again.
If Hitler and the Germans had won every Jew in the world would have been hunted and killed. Anti semitism is now at the highest level since before the war.Europe is not safe anymore.
Jews are leaving France,England and other countries.
A fact.Corbyn of England is an anti semite.His hatred for Jews is apparent.
I remember recently a friend in Spain was telling me about an Israeli couple,artists that had lived on the island since the 50’s. He went on to say they have left a house here that is just abandoned.
“Didn’t they have family to leave it to?” I inquired. .
He paused and he smiled ,”Well you know Jews .If there is money there they would have found it!”
in the past 6 months two “friends” have approached me with conspiracy theories that are floating around the internet that Jews conspired with Hitler to commit the Holocaust in a bid to make money. These are from the writings of the anti semitic David Icke..They urged me to have an open mind. They were earnest.
“Follow the money “,one said with a self satisfied smile . Unfuckingbelievable.
This is what happens when we forget!
So you all forget but i remain to remind you

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