Traveling Across America and Route 66 With a Vegan True Confessions !

With Bernadette Mundy
The Big Texan Steak Ranch, Amarillo | Roadtrippers The Big Texan Steak Ranch – Home To The Free 72oz Steak

I was chuckling when i came upon a photo of the Big Texas Steak house on Route 66 outside of Amarillo ,Texas. My mind started going back.
A year ago i had invited my Swiss friend on a journey and adventure of a lifetime and drove from California to New Orleans and Missippissi across the whole Southwestern and Southern part of America crossing Route 66 many times doing some 6 ,000 miles .
One morning i had driven 4 hours on a couple of crackers with tahini in an effort to get out of a rain storm in Texas and it was noon and i was hungry ,very hungry. Bernadette is a vegan and throughout America there was usually very little to eat that wasn’t meat and plenty of it and mostly deep fried. Thank Buddha for Thai and Vietnamese restaurants we hit along the way ..
I posted this picture to show how she saw America after that trip.
So the only thing on the road was this Big Texas Steak House outside of Amarillo where if u ate a 72 oz steak it was free. I went in with Bernadette as all the cowboys at the bar eyed us warily. I have been a cowboy so i was truly conflicted…The song The Old Chisolm Trail was playing softly in the background. My blood sugar was off the rails. My backbone and navel were doing the belly rub .
I was hungry and i had my eyes on that 72 oz steak but i had my vegan friend with me and i had to be understand and courteous.
Some cowboys eyed my California plates dubiously.
They seemed to sense she was a vegan…They have an inner sense about such things.
I asked to speak to the manager and i asked her if she had any salad on the menu.
She looked doubtful,mumbled something about tomatoes and onions and i asked
“Does it have anything green in it ?” and she said thoughtfully that she wasn’t sure.
I grew agitated,my blood sugar doing somersaults…
“What do you mean you don’t know work here ”
The biggest baddest cowboy sauntered over to me and looked me steely eyed in the face and drawled ,”I think we had a vegetarian in here ..once. I smiled weakly..
At this point Bernadette decides to get on a soapbox and rage on about the glories of vegan diet and how it is the future of the world as the cowboys at the bar are getting downright consternated . You can never denigrate meat in front of cowboys…This is the holy grail and what the West was built on. Ain;t nothing holier than a carcass of raw bleeding meat in Texas.
I size up the situation and decide i am too hungry to fight all these meat eating cowboys riding vegetarian horses and i grab Bernadette and throw her roughly into the car and i peel away at a 100 miles an hour until we are safe and i drive 2 hours all the way to New Mexico where i find a Mexican restaurant and i proceed to have the worst Mexican food i have ever had.
The waitress comes over all smiley and asks how is the meal and i say ,
“The truth?”
She says ,”Yes”
I say with a maligned look on my face,
“This was the worst Mexican food i had never eaten!”
She says hopefully ,
“Well maybe next time it will be better !”
I snarl with malice,”There is no next time !!!!”
That night i dreamt about that 72 oz steak

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