Very Strange …The name Lipsin

Very strange .I was googling the name Lipsin which is unusual in it’s spelling with the i .Everyone else is with o and we are not related .I come up with a Louis Lipsin born probably before 1700 and is a Franciscan theologist from the south of France and part of this religious order. I just found books written by him and selling on Amazon. Ok reading more i have learned he was born in Belgium in the 1600’s and was a theological leader,scholar and author in Assisi Italy where he died.
Could Louis have strayed from the Tribe ? Could i have come from Louis .Did Franciscans practice celibacy? Don’t answer that .
Is there property in the south of France waiting for me ?
So many questions …so little time.
In some further digging i have discovered a street named Jean Lipsin St in Belgium.
More digging has shown a Caroline Lipsin who is a sex therapist in Brussels .
So my question is can this be branch of the family from the 1600’s who settled in Belgium while the others were in Russia/Ukraine ..Eastern Europe and they converted away from Judaism?
I just sent a message to Caroline hoping she can shed some light on the matter. Story will be continued….

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