Was Bob Dylan Jonathon?

Ok listen up y’all !
This was on the Spanish island of Formentera where i am living except this was back in 1973 when i was stranded there after being arrested by Franco’s Guardia Civil on the Mainland and thrown in jail for for calling them Nazi pigs .(see story on my blog at jonathondlipsin.com) I was dumped and marooned on this island which boasted some hippies on it.
I lived by my wits on the beach and by this windmill.
This is the same windmill featured on Pink Floyd’s album ,More .They lived there once as did King Crimson and other rock luminaries…
.There has been a story ,a legend,a myth that in 1973 Dylan lived in this windmill.
I am a Dylanophile and i know Dylan was living in the West Village of New York at that time but a myth is a myth and who am i to question
.Even today they talk about Dylan living there then.
I found this picture and showed it to a veteran of the island and he identified it as the La Mola windmill where Dylan lived at the time i was there.
I never saw Dylan but look closely .
My hair was like his as well as my glasses .
I had a scraggly beard as he had ,we are both Jewish and to non Jews ,well we may all look alike.
I realized that maybe a stoned hippie saw me and thought it was Dylan .
Oh yeah i was always playing blues harp at the time and singing Woody Guthrie and Dylan songs.
I even contacted my old friend from 1971, A.J.Weberman the notorious Dylanologist who would crawl through Dylan’s garbage and analyze it for Rolling Stone magazine .We were Yippie together in NYC .
“A.J. To the best of your knowledge was Dylan living in a windmill on Formentera ?
” No “he replied ,”Not as far as i know.”
I am not one to question and destroy legends and myths especially when they are written in the tourist guide books yet there it is
.I rest my case.
Who knows?

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