Weather Report

wake up to find out
that you are the eyes of the world
waking up slowly
shower washing away the dust of the road 
and 30 pushups
as i get back to my workout practice
after a month on the road
driving 6,000 miles.
There is a big smile within as i think about that
because i still have it
the energy and the curiosity and the humor and the playfullness
and i am so glad i do
because this is the magic that makes the wheel of life grow.
This morning i will pad downstairs
and whip up eggs and roasted green chile i bought in New Mexico from a roadside stand in Hatch
and tortillas and avocado i also bought in a roadside stand yesterday ..
The red wine gifted me by my friend and next door neighbor let me sleep a solid deep sleep
and i will take it slow today …
what is my intention today ?

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