When the world is sad

i climb on my bike
and ride an Autumn bike path
and ohhh
a red tailed hawk overhead
looking down on me
as i pedal through fallen leaves of
amber gold and rouge
blowing across the
a flock of kite birds fly cross the field and alight on a tree
as i pedal by and the sun brushes her lips on my face as i squint and forge ahead
my legs working it
and Halloween is coming
i remember
and as i duck into a forested area
the shadows come out so deliciously
and i shiver a bit ..
Suddenly a memory comes
of a 7 year old boy riding his bike in the hood
just before he has to go to school
and he doesn’t want to go to school,
he never did,
he never fit in,,
“He has great potential”, the teachers would summarize
this boy with great potential
wanted the big world outside of the classroom
and he wanted to ride wild horses
in the canyons of New Mexico
and so he did
so he did ..he grew up
to do what his heart told him to do
and here he is
riding on this bike path
in the Autumn chill and he is home…

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