Woodstock Days Losing My Virginity

This story seems to make people uncomfortable but i tell it anyways because that is your hangup not mine.

I have always said among the things i lost at Woodstock one of them was my virginity. I was high ,very high,too high and along the way i had met 40 buddhist monks in white robes sitting on a huge cloud and they invited me to join them in chanting Om .I did this for awhile but then a beautiful redhead with long flowing hair came to me and deeply massaged me and then made love to me . I was amazing..We performed almost every position according to the Kama Sutra to the sounds of Carlos Santana playing Soul Sacrifice in the distance. It was epic!!!
I have told this story for years .It is in my DNA.
A few years ago i suddenly thought what if this didn’t happen.
I was fairly sure the 40 monks sitting on the cloud were not real and what if this never happened also.
I could never tell .
I knew i had never been pregnant.

So if this never happened and i had still been a virgin that means that love number 2 was really number one and my whole paradigm had changed.
I called Dad and told him my theory and we both laughed heartily.
Number Two or One depending how you looked at it was a clear case of mistaken identity and going with the flow…..
I was living in the commune in Montreal and was one of 7 people who acted as editors of the Montreal underground newspaper Logos.
We were pretty famous in those days and our commune was a nerve center for the “freak ” community.
One day i was cockily sauntering down the street a block from the commune when a beautiful girl suddenly rushed into my arms and deeply kissed me with her tongue moaning
“Nathan ,Nathan I missed you so much.”
I knew i wasn’t Nathan and i knew actually who she mixed me up with.
Nathan was older than me by 5,6 years and had an afro like mine and glasses like mine and was Jewish and was a freelance photographer who sometimes worked for us. Everyone always mixed us up…
Hmm i thought. I could be Nathan for awhile . I imagined he wouldn’t mind…
.I took her back to the Logos commune,her name was La Plume and she was an actress and had just come back from Greece where she had a role in a movie… and we made love or something resembling making love. I was clumsy and if my Woodstock experience didn’t happen then i was definitely an amateur.
After a half an hour she looked at me in the dark and said,”You are not Nathan!”
With a sheepish yet unrepentant look i asked,
“Does it really matter/”
She shrugged and continued on ..
After all it was the time of free love or something resembling it.
The next day she moved in with Freaky Ted who had the room next door but i didn’t mind. Love was free after all.

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