In a couple of days i board a plane and go on another adventure.
I recognize the signs.
I am distracted.
My heart beats faster when i think of the possibilities. I am more turned on by the unknown than the known.
I lick my lips in anticipation.
Yes i am a travel junkie .
I have known this since since i was a child and even though i ran businesses for 36 years this never stopped me from doing my thing which is traveling light ,taking local transportation,meeting people and talking to everyone ,wandering down back alleys in search of out of the way restaurants where floors are uneven and tables and chairs are mismatched ,looking out for joints where music is spilling out into the sidewalk,sleeping and eating in places with some bohemian history like Bar Pi in Barcelona and El Jordi hotel above it ,the former haunt of Hemingway in the 30’s .
This is me at my best when i am thrown into a culture i may have no business being in and i wonder who karma will throw in my path.
Adventure,companionship,great food,a new language,mischief,some danger,a bottle of wine at sunset over a beach perhaps and experiences that are completely new !
My fingers tremble over the computer keyboards dangling momentarily in mid air before i commit to another booking of an airline ticket to a far away destination. There is sweat on my brow as i hesitate for just a second.Am i worthy ,am i up to the journey ? Of course i am again and again and i am going on the road once more and i am ecstatic ….
The road is my friend ..I am understood here .I know my place here among comings and goings and it is never the way i think it will be so i have learned to throw all the preconceptions and just accept what may unfold. I am very zen on the road .It is the mystery that leads me on….and the lessons and the learning…..and the stories i hear.
Everyone has a story and i want to hear as many as i can. Yesterday i listened to an 84 year old Japanese lady recount her time being held in a Canadian concentration camp during WW2 at the age of 10. I want to know about all these life experiences. It is my calling .At least one of them..
My grandfathers wandered,one rode the rails across America in the Thirties looking for work and that took him thousands of miles away to San Francisco .Another went out West to British Columbia from Montreal and won a clothing store in a poker game in a mostly Indian frontier town just over from Alaska …My grandmother traveled well into her 80’s on a Greyhound bus every year for months across North America from coast to coast. My brother Brian has adventured across the world to Greece and Russia and China and Morocco and Europe many times .My other brother also travels greatly .My parents loved traveling and my dad at 91 was just in New Orleans for a week of music and food and last year was in Mexico swimming in the ocean.
So it is in the blood.

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